Educational Publisher

“I worked with Angie at an educational publishing house that produces nonfiction for grades K-12. She came highly recommended by a coworker and I can’t thank my coworker enough for putting me in contact with Angie. I was incredibly impressed with her work from our very first project together. It was a rather complicated and highly technical topic, but you would have thought Angie was an expert on the subject! From then on, she was one of my go-to authors! She is devoted to her craft, able to adapt the narrative tone to the subject at hand effortlessly, open to editorial suggestions, meticulous in her research, and on top of meeting deadlines. Not only is Angie an excellent writer, she is also a genuine, warm, and passionate person. Anyone who has the great fortune of working with Angie has struck gold!”

—Stacey P., Senior Editor, Educational Publisher