Bright Social Agency

“In all my time working with copywriters, the best always have a curiosity that extends into their every action coupled with a keen eye for detail. Angie has both of these traits and more. Her journalistic approach has allowed us to approach multiple industries, subjects, and audiences with a creative and compelling nature that grabs the reader’s attention while conveying the right brand messaging points at the right time. We’ve motivated fundraising efforts, voter’s turnout, apartment applications, book sales, and engagement in emails, social media, and from the press. Angie has been wonderful in project management and client oversight along with identifying and building out necessary processes and trainings for both internal and external stakeholders. It is my pleasure to continue working with Angie on copy writing and editing endeavors as I know through our partnership she helps me deliver a turnkey approach for all of my marketing agency clients at Bright Social Agency.”

—Cris H., Marketer & Co-Founder, Bright Social Agency